Shannon murder twist…as second suspect appears in court

Helena Johannes

In a new twist to the Shannon Wasserfall murder case, a second suspect Steven Mulundu (22) has appeared in the Walvis Bay magistrate courts charged with murder and obstruction of justice.

Mulundu was denied bail and reminded in custody until the 7th of December after he was arrested on Thursday after he handed himself over at the Narraville police station in Kuisbmund, confessing to having assisted the 1st suspect, Azaan Madisia (28) to dispose the body of Shannon.

According the police spokesperson Kauna Shikwambi, Mulundu is believed to be a brother of Madisia who is the main suspect in the murder case of Shannon.

“They are the only suspects in the case, no additional arrests were done so far as the investigation continues,” she said.

This comes a month after Madisia made her first court appearance in the Walvis Bay magistrate court on the same charges of murder and obstruction of court of law, in connection with Shannon Wasserfall’s disappearance. She was denied bail and the case is also postponed to 07 December 2020.

Madisia was detained 08 October 2020, just two days after an anonymous SMS was sent with information about a site where decomposing human remains of Shannon, were found. Shannon went missing on 10 April 2020 without trace and her remains were found buried in a shallow grave at Narravile dunes.

This also comes just a day after the family held a memorial service for Shannon at Shandumbala in Windhoek. The family has announced that the burial will be held on 14 November 2020 in Walvis Bay.

When called for comments, a family member of Shannon revealed that her father, Tega Matheus is ‘under stress’ and they cannot comment on the new development.

Shannon is believed to have travelled to Walvis Bay to visit her mother in December 2019 and remained there. Then, she disappeared from her home in the Kuisebmond area of the coastal town after dropping off her two-year-old son at a friend’s house before she was supposedly to meet ‘someone’ on 10 April this year. She was not seen or heard from since until the discovery of her remains.

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