SHOUT OUT: Something to think about in lockdown

Jackie Wilson Asheeke

Allow me to give you something positive to think about during the extended lockdown and COVID restrictions.

We need to start calming ourselves down, accepting what has happened, following all rules assiduously, and begin preparing our bank accounts and hearts for the Post-COVID financial earthquake that is on the way.

As I contemplate my own fears with my 82 year old, very fit and active mother in Delaware in the USA being cared for by my sister and her husband who are working from home these days, I will not let fear and panic take me for a ride.

The USA has over 645,513 people infected and over 29,215 dead as of April 15th. While some in Namibia think everyone is overreacting to COVID, scream about the extension and expansion of the lockdown and see the horrific fall out in other countries as ‘far away’, I do not. If your momma was in the middle of that, you would not either.

Worse, I cannot be physically with her right now. To manage my angst, I focus on what I can do and accept what I cannot. That is how I stay in the light. I talk to my mom over social media every other day and we laugh and tell all kinds of great stories. We even prepared a recipe for dinner together over Messenger. She’s doin’ just fine.

A good thing coming out of these COVID times (if that can be said) is that my family communicates at least 8-10 times each day from where we are. One of my daughters lives in France. My son is in upstate New York (where there are now 200 people dead each day due to Covid). My only brother is in LA and my eldest sister lives in Maryland. She is immune compromised as she suffers from Lupus. My beloved cousins, nieces, nephews, old aunties and uncles, and dear friends are facing this threat and still tell great jokes and stories while we share the news from where we are. They all live in places where officials are carrying bodies out of the back of hospitals and loading them onto government refrigerator trucks.

My cousin Gregory sent me this circular graph to read. I like it, as it is forward looking. See if it makes sense to you.

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