SIM registration deadline sneaks ever closer

Niël Terblanché

In a recent update from Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC), approximately 1.4 million Namibians have taken the crucial step of registering their SIM cards across various mobile devices, a move that sees the country achieving a 72 percent registration rate.

This significant milestone was announced by MTC spokesperson John Ekongo during a recent press briefing in northern Namibia.

The push for SIM card registration comes as part of a broader initiative aimed at bolstering the security of mobile device users nationwide, safeguarding them from the increasing threat of digital scams.

With the registration deadline looming on March 31, MTC has intensified its efforts to ensure that every SIM card owner complies with the mandatory registration requirement to avoid the deactivation of their mobile services.

Initially set for December 31, the deadline was extended by former Minister of Information, Communication, and Technology, Peya Mushelenga, granting users who had yet to register their SIM cards a reprieve from immediate deactivation.

Ekongo emphasized the critical nature of this registration process and said: “We have no other business with SIM card registration other than ensuring your security as technology evolves.”

With the clock ticking down, MTC is leaving no stone unturned in its quest to reach the 1,931,100 total prepaid customers, employing additional agents and launching mobile registration teams across Oshana, Oshikoto, Omusati, and Ohangwena regions.

Online registration continues to be available, with a focus now on extending coverage to areas such as Zambezi, Kavango East, Kavango West, and Kunene.

January saw the recruitment of over 100 Special Ambassadors by MTC, a strategic move designed to assist individuals in registering their SIM cards, especially in rural, semi-rural, and peri-urban areas.

This initiative is part of a broader campaign to achieve comprehensive registration coverage before the extended deadline.

Despite the positive progress, Ekongo highlighted a concern over the tendency of customers to procrastinate, which has led to a noticeable decline in registrations following the extension of the deadline.

With more than 585,000 of the 2.6 million active subscribers yet to register and the deadline fast approaching, MTC is doubling down on its outreach efforts to ensure no subscriber is left behind.

With only 44 days left until the deadline, the urgency to act is more critical than ever.

MTC remains optimistic that through its countrywide initiatives and the public’s cooperation, it will meet its registration target, securing the digital safety of Namibians across the nation.

Ekongo’s message to the public remains clear: “Avoid last-minute rushes and ensure your SIM card is registered before the deadline to maintain uninterrupted mobile service.”

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