“A big tree has fallen” – Simataa

Niël Terblanché

In a heartfelt tribute George Simataa, Secretary to the Cabinet, honoured the indelible legacy of Geingob, whose recent passing has left a profound void in the heart of the nation and the African continent.

Simataa’s eulogy, delivered with a mix of sorrow and reverence, painted a vivid picture of a leader whose life was dedicated to the upliftment and unity of the Namibian people and the broader African cause.

Simataa remembered Geingob, as a “big tree” under whose shade many found refuge, and was a stalwart of development, unity, and the fight against poverty.

“His sudden silence has sent shockwaves of grief and reflection on the remarkable impact he had, not only on Namibia but on the world stage,” Simataa said.

Simataa’s words emphasized Geingob’s multifaceted role as a liberator, a visionary, and a unifier, whose humor, charisma, and godliness touched all echelons of society.

The tribute also detailed Simataa’s interactions with Geingob, including a poignant last handshake and a significant conversation that underlined the President’s mentorship and profound influence on Namibia’s youth and its governance landscape.

“His commitment to inclusivity and empowerment was evident in his nurturing of young leaders, referred to affectionately as ‘Geingob’s kindergarten,’ many of whom have risen to significant national prominence,” Simataa said.

He also marked President Geingob’s legacy as foundational contributions to Namibia’s constitution and governance structures, his academic achievements, and his relentless pursuit of transparency, accountability, and good governance.

“His policies and initiatives, particularly in public service, anti-corruption, and information technology, set Namibia on a path towards efficiency, integrity, and modernization,” Simataa said.

According to Simataa, Geingob’s tenure as Prime Minister and later as President was characterized by significant legislative accomplishments, including the enactment of laws aimed at combating corruption and enhancing public procurement, as well as fostering freedom of the press and engaging with the citizenry through media.

Simataa’s tribute not only recounted Geingob’s achievements but also his personal qualities – his strength, resilience, and compassion.

“The nation is encouraged to find solace in his lasting legacy and the solid foundations he laid for the future,” Simataa said.

He added that Geingob’s life story is a testament to his belief in the potential of Namibia and its people.

“His vision for a united, prosperous, and inclusive Namibia remains a guiding light for current and future generations. The spirit of President Geingob’s dedication to his country and its people will undoubtedly continue to inspire and guide the way forward. His vision, and his unwavering commitment to the nation’s well-being, his memory will serve as an enduring beacon of hope and unity for all Namibians,” he said.

“Go well, my President, go well, my father, go well, my hero, go well, my mentor. We will remember and celebrate the life of a true giant among men, whose legacy will forever be engraved in the annals of Namibia’s history,” Simataa lamented.

Simataa also extended his deep condolences to the Geingob family, honouring the personal sacrifices and contributions of the late President.

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