South African airline offers 1.4 billion to buy Air Namibia

Martin Edjala

A South African airline, BDS Airways, reportedly has put in a N$ 1.4 billion bid to buy Air Namibia.

This is the second bid offer made by BDS Airways after withdrawing the initial bid of N$3.2 billion last November. This has been confirmed in the liquidator’s latest communication as per the transaction timeline proposal. BDS Airways reportedly indicated their readiness in this regard.

“This news brings hope to both the country as a whole and the Air Namibia employees, however, there is an element of cautioun that needs to be undertaken, as nothing yet has been finalised, nor will this be a long-term thing but it is good news. Indeed as the government will be gaining something from it than not gaining anything,” comments Dr Ndumba Kamwanyah a political and social analyst and lecture at the University of Namibia (Unam).

Dr Kwamanyah hopes BDS Airways will be considering re-acquiring the services of former Air Namibia employees but also expressing his discomfort at the loss of Air Namibia as a national brand. He hopes for conversations for the revival of the national brand in the best interest of the country in the near future.

BDS Airways is an emerging black-owned airline founded in 2018 by Sabelo Williams in South Africa. Attempt to contact the liquidators, Ian Robert Maclaren and David John Bruni, proved futile.

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