Special force soldier found dead

Niel Terblanche

A member of the Namibian Defence Force’s special forces, who was attached to the anti-poaching unit in the Mangetti National Park was found beneath a tree in the reserve by members of his squad, with a single bullet wound to the head.

The deceased has been identified as 38-year-old Corporal Julius Jamara.

According to the incident report provided by the Public Relations Division of the Namibian Police, members of Corporal Jamara’s squad went looking for him on Independence Day after he did not return to their encampment as expected.

“At about 08:00 on Sunday morning, the deceased person reported for duty and shortly afterwards, left the camp on foot. He was armed with an AK47 rifle at the time. He did not return to the encampment at the expected time,” the report states.

The incident report says that members of the anti-poaching unit, with the assistance of members of the police went looking for the missing soldier and discovered his body in the bushes sometime on Tuesday.

According to the report, members of the search party discovered a single spent cartridge, his rifle and his mobile phone next to the body.

“At this stage, it is suspected that Corporal Jamara committed suicide by shooting himself with his service weapon,” the report states.

After his remains were taken to the police mortuary in Rundu for a post-mortem examination to be performed, the Namibian Police informed his family about his demise.

Despite the fact that no foul play is suspected at the moment, an investigation into the death of Corporal Jamara has been launched.

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