Sports minister wants projects completed

Niel Terblanche

The Minister of Sports, Youth and National Services says she addressed the staff members of her Ministry, National Youth Council, National Youth Service and the Namibia Sports Commission, of whom she requested to complete and implement current programmes in the coming financial year.

Agnes Tjongarero, during her motivation for the ministry budget allocation encouraged management to align themselves with the 2023/2024 Annual Plan and the current strategic plan to focus on the completion of ongoing programmes and projects as reflected in NDP5, HPP 2 and MTEF.

“This Ministry has a number of outstanding programmes and projects which, for various reasons, we were unable to finalize. Therefore, I am calling upon the Executive Director and his senior management team to ensure that unfinished programmes and projects get priority in the annual plan of the new financial year,” she stated.

Tjangarero made the statement amid the youth’s restlessness and the dilapidated state of the Ministry’s sports facilities.

The minister urged all staff members to measure their effectiveness while delivering on the government’s youth empowerment and sports development mandate.

She also instructed the ministry’s management to finalize outstanding matters such as the drafting of the new sports act, completion of the Eenhana sports complex, the commencement of the construction of the Nkurenkuru Multi–Purpose Youth Centre and sports complex, completion of the Berg Aukas electrification project, development of the sport as well as the youth development indexes, the resumption of the Namibia Youth Credit Scheme, the implementation of the 121 Rural Youth Enterprises, as well as the renovation and upgrading of the Independence Stadium, amongst others.

Tjongarero called on all staff of the ministry to re-dedicate themselves to the noble cause of serving the youth and the sports sector with patriotism, pride and dedication.

“Our young people are hopeful. Let’s strive to excel in all areas of our mandate and try to work in harmony,” she concluded.

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