SPYL sued over alleged debt of N$14 million

The Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) finds itself in a legal battle after being dragged to High Court by a local close corporation, True Media Trading for allegedly failing to pay N$14 million and for breaching a contract of an integrated electronic system.

It is alleged that SPYL failed to honour an agreement by not paying N$14 million for services rendered by True Media Trading.

Court documents suggest that in 2018, the parties entered into an agreement that contracted True Media Trading to supply and install an integrated membership system at various Swapo offices, but the youth league allegedly failed on the agreement.

The integrated system was aimed at replacing the usual manual issuing of membership cards.

Initially, the electronic membership card deal came into existence in 2016 with Swapo’s youth league, women and its elders’ councils signing an agreement worth N$7,7 million with True Media Trading.

In 2018, the same contract was allegedly amended and its value escalated to about N$14 million.

In 2021, a local newspaper reported, “Former SPYL Secretary for information and now Erongo governor Neville Andre was at the time accused of signing off the deal without following the proper procedures, and some former youth league leaders allegedly questioned the deal after claiming that it was irregularly awarded”.

According to the terms, True Media Trading was to supply more than one million electronic membership cards to Swapo’s three wings: 300 000 cards for SPYL, 150 000 for the pioneers’ movement, 400 000 for the women’s council and 200 000 for the elders’ council, the publication reported.

True Media Trading was also contracted to supply the SPYL with all hardware and accessories, including laptops for the integrated membership system to operate, and was considered, as the SPYL’s sole provider of membership cards, systems and printing equipment, it further reported.

However, after launching the system in November 2018, True Media Trading claimed in court documents that the SPYL has refused to pay it N$14 million for the work done.

The close corporation further claimed that Swapo’s youth wing has grossly breached the terms of their agreement by failing to follow the project plan and engaging other suppliers for cards and printing equipment.

True Media Trading said it has complied with the contract and met all the expectations of the youth league.

In the weekend, SPYL Secretary Ephraim Nekongo said he could not comment more on the matter that is still in court, adding that he was celebrating the Swapo Party Birthday.

“We have done nothing wrong, and we depend on ourselves on the issue. Our members should be vigilant,” Nekongo said.

He also stated that they know what they signed in the agreement, adding that they will engage the media at the right time.

“I cannot comment further while the matter is before the court. For now, let me celebrate the Swapo Party Anniversary.

The matter continues before the High Court.

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