Standard Bank adds new features to PayPulse

Tujoromajo Kasuto

STANDARD Bank has introduced new innovative features on their cashless and cardless payment platform, PayPulse.

The new features include Bill Splitting, Money Request, own QR code creation, Pay-by-Link option, which they say is also ideal for small businesses. The enhancements will improve the customer’s ease and convenience of using PayPulse while saving time and cost.

Standard Bank’s Head of Digital Innovation, Rejoice Itembu, says the bank was continuously pushing the envelope to provide enhanced service experiences to its customers. “These enhancements are a result of feedback from our loyal customers. It encourages us to focus our efforts to continue developing services and benefits that offer complete convenience and satisfaction to our customers,” she observes.

Bill Splitting allows clients to enjoy the convenience of settling group bills by only having one person settle the bill and the others refunding him or her via PayPulse. The person making the payment on behalf of others is able to track their spending and budgeting much more easily.

The Money Request option is another feature that will benefit those who may need money from friends or family urgently. Customers will be able to request money from PayPulse users in a similar manner as making a ‘CallMe Request’ on a cellphone. Upon receipt of the request, the PayPulse user can choose to accept or decline the request and decide how much they wish to send.

Another boundary-pushing feature is the ability for customers to create their own QR code, which can be used by different users to make payments. This QR code simplifies the money-sending process because customers no longer need to manually enter a mobile number. This new payment option is convenient and great for fast-paced small businesses.

Lastly there is the Pay-by-Link option, which is ideal for small businesses as well. Customers can pay using a secure payment link. The businessperson sends a link request from PayPulse to the customer, the customer pays and the businessperson receives their money.

Itembu adds that “Our quest to be at the forefront of providing convenient banking experiences to our customers is what keeps us awake at night. We are relentless in our pursuit to create a cashless payment environment in the country as it holds a number of benefits such as secure banking, access, speed, convenience and time.”

The PayPulse Application was introduced in 2018 with an addition of new vendors in 2020 such as Liberty Life insurance premiums, Olusheno pay for the off-grid home lighting kit and MTC Data as part of the strategy to offer variety and enhance their client’s experience.

The platform allows people to Link up to three debit or credit cards, from any bank and it further enables the Blue Wallet services to be available to any customer in Namibia.

PayPulse also enables customers to instantly cash out their money at the till of any prominent supermarket while also enabling them to top up on electricity, airtime and pay for bills such as DStv/GOtv accounts.

In addition to paying for goods and services at retailers and other service providers, PayPulse can also be used to send and receive money without the need to have a bank account number. Transactions on PayPulse, can be performed from mobile phones by simply downloading the App on the App Store/Google Play) or by dialing *140*6626# and following the required steps to buy or pay for the desired service or product.

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