Standard Bank Namibia appoints a new CEO

Niël Terblanché

Standard Bank Namibia has advised its shareholders about the appointment of Erwin Tjipuka as the new Chief Executive Officer of Standard Bank Namibia Holdings Limited and Standard Bank Namibia Limited.

Shareholders were advised in accordance with Rule 3.59 of the Namibian Stock Exchange Listing Requirements.

According to the advisement, Tjipuka is a Namibian chartered accountant and an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in the professional and financial services industry.

Tjipuka is skilled in Financial Management, External Audit, Corporate Finance, Management Consulting and Banking.

He is a transformational leader with a passion for talent development and he holds directorships in various Namibian Companies.

According to the advisement, Tjipuka’s appointment will be ratified by the shareholders at the next Annual General Meeting of the Company.

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