Standard Bank relaunched the Buy-a-Brick Footprint

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Standard Bank (SBN) has relaunched the Buy-a-Brick Footprint Socks campaign which is intended to raise funds for the construction of houses for Namibia’s shack dwelling community.

The campaign was initially launched in March this year to mobilize schools in the nationwide effort to raise funds for the construction of low cost house but had to be suspended due to the Coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic.

However, despite the prevalence of Covid-19, Standard Bank deemed it necessary to relaunch the campaign to shine light on the plight of the shack dwellers community by raising funds through the selling of the Footprint Socks.
“The socks feature several attractive designs but the common feature on all of the them is the Buy-a-Brick logo. The name “footprint socks” was chosen to encourage and motivate learners and the general Namibian society to leave a footprint in the lives of families living in shacks by helping them to acquire affordable houses. By supporting this cause, Namibians will be contributing immensely towards realising their dreams of one day living in decent structures.”

According to SBN since the launch of the initiative in 2015, the campaign has collected around N$20 million, translating into close to 600 new homes for Namibian families who previously lived in shacks.

“The Buy-a-Brick Initiative raises funds from corporates, communities and individuals to build houses for members of the SDFN.”

Standard Bank’s Head of Marketing and Communications, Magreth Mengo has called on Namibians to support the initiative by buying the Footprint Socks and by so doing join the fight for the elimination of shacks in the country.

“They say it seems impossible until it is done and I am calling upon all Namibians to join hands and demonstrate that we are indeed a nation united in seeking solutions for the less fortunate among ourselves. Buying at least one pair of Footprint Socks will make a huge difference in realizing dreams and moving one step closer to having a shack-free Namibia,” said Mengo.

She added: “We firmly believe that it is possible to replace each and every shack in this country and make people economically active citizens who own their future. However, we can only achieve that if we all work together. It can be done.”

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