Struggle Kids are unaware of farmland donation

Hertta-Maria Amutenja

Children born during the Liberation Struggle of Namibia also known as ‘struggle kids ‘ not resorting under the Namibia Exile Kids Association (NEKA) umbrella organisation have denied receiving land from the King of the Ondonga.

King Fillemon Shuumbwa Nangolo has allocated 50 hectares of farmland to the children of the liberation struggle, represented by NEKA.

The spokesperson of a splinter grouping of the Struggle Kids is not aware of the donation.

“We are not aware of the land. Maybe it was given to the other struggle kids and NEKA but it was not given to us,” he said adding that NEKA does not represent his group.

Nonetheless, Onesmus Nanyeni, NEKA’s executive member and the regional representative said the land is indeed for the Struggle K that are registered under the association and he does not think Amadhila is part of that group.

“I do not think Amadhila falls under the NEKA body, and we do not even recognize him. The land is for the Children of the Liberation Struggle that our body represents,” he said.

In the statement about the donated land which was received, Nanyeni said the land is meant to allow the unemployed children of the liberation struggle to produce crops and vegetables

“It must be used to create employment for themselves and above all, contribute to food production in Namibia. A delegation of NEKA paid a courtesy visit to the Ondonga Palace on Saturday, 25 March 2023 to invite Tatekulu Shuumbwa to the reunion of the children of the liberation struggle scheduled to take place at Omutsegondjamba in Oshikoto region on 8 April 2023,” the statement read.

The land was given to them by King Nangolo, after a visit to the Odonga Palace where NEKA shared the difficulties that the liberation kids have been facing. “The delegation expressed the challenges that the grown children of the liberation struggle have been experiencing such as unemployment, poverty and homelessness. Shuumbwa granted them the farming land to enable them to join agribusiness and sustain themselves,” read the statement.

During the handover, Nanyeni said he appreciates the king’s generosity and willpower to support the children of the liberation struggle.

“This is the first land placed in our custody, that we can all call home. We now have a home in the name of our umbrella body, NEKA,” he said.

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