Swakop Uranium Foundation addresses educational challenges

Martin Endjala

The Swakop Uranium Foundation has taken it upon itself to address educational challenges in regions across the country, this effort is backed up by its recent donation of N$72 000 to the Vennesa Healthcare and Kindergarten in the DRC informal settlement, in Swakopmund, towards the purchase of the facility’s monthly maize meal.

The facility caters to 25 children and teenage girls who have dropped out of school or who have fallen on hard times and are living in bad circumstances.

Eva Kazondunge, a teacher at the school highlighted the core functions of the facility and implored other community members to assist the facility. She thanked the Foundation for its assistance and assured all that the maize meal would be put to good use.

At the ceremony, the Chairperson of the Swakop Uranium Foundation, Percy McCallum said they will continue to reach other regions and do their part to assist the Namibian government in addressing national educational challenges.

“We hope that other corporates will do the same,” McCallum said.

Swakop Uranium Vice President, Human Resource and Trustee Foundation, Patrick Chizabulyo, highlighted the focus areas of the foundation and re-affirmed the foundation’s commitment to addressing community challenges and partnering with regional government and all stakeholders including the media, to meet national development goals.

He underscored that these donations fall under the Swakop Uranium Foundation’s pillars of Education Childhood Development and Community Support.

Meanwhile, the Principal of Westside High School, Veneza Rheeder said, they are immensely grateful to the Swakop Uranium Foundation Trust for sharing their mission and vision, donating towards a proper facility for the feeding scheme operations.

“Currently, we are operating the scheme from a corridor, and we have between 150 and 300 learners benefitting from our kitchen, “she said.

The Swakop Uranium Foundation handed over a donation of N$ 200,000 to the school.

The company operates at the Husab Mine, a low-risk, conventional, large-scale load- and haul open pit mine, feeding ore to a conventional agitated acid leach process plant.

It is the second-largest Uranium Mine in the world with a total investment of USD 5 Billion. The Mine has a potential life of more than 20 years.

The Swakop Uranium Foundation is entrusted by Swakop Uranium to further community development initiatives and projects in alignment with the overall national plans and goals of Namibia such as Vision 2030.

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