Swakopmund sets ambitious goals for poverty eradication

Niël Terblanche

To combat poverty and hunger, the Mayor of Swakopmund, Dina Namubes, announced during the first Town Council meeting of 2024 that the town is setting ambitious goals to eradicate poverty and achieve zero hunger.

According to Namubes, these goals align with the National Sustainable Development Goals, signifying a proactive approach towards addressing critical issues affecting the local community.

Namubes stressed the need for reflection on past progress and challenges, highlighting the unique opportunities and persistent obstacles facing Swakopmund.

“I am confident that with your unwavering dedication and the collaborative spirit that defines this Council, we will continue to address the needs of our community and build a brighter future for all,” she stated.

The mayor’s opening address at the council meeting was a rallying cry for unity and collective action.

“Let us work together with respect, as we find solutions that will benefit our community. I look forward to a productive and successful year ahead,” she urged.

Namubes did not shy away from acknowledging the glaring issues of poverty in Swakopmund, calling for a collective stance to combat this challenge.

“The high occurrence of poverty in our town is indeed worrisome, and we need to take a collective stance to fight it,” she stated.

Namubes shared a vision for Swakopmund where no one is left behind, ensuring that every community member enjoys a life of dignity and opportunity.

She stressed that eradicating poverty is a collective effort, requiring commitment from all to work towards a common goal.

Central to this strategy is economic empowerment, with a focus on job creation and support for local businesses.

The initiative aims to provide residents with stable employment opportunities and foster a thriving local economy.

Education is also highlighted as a key tool in breaking the cycle of poverty, with plans to support school initiatives that provide conducive learning environments.

Namubes also addressed the issue of affordable housing as a fundamental right, committing to policies that ensure safe and affordable housing for all. This includes tackling homelessness through housing-first initiatives.

She called for the support of local businesses and community members in this endeavour.

“This is a pledge to work tirelessly, collaboratively, and with an unwavering determination to eradicate poverty in our city,” she declared before urging everyone to join hands in this journey towards creating a town of hope and prosperity for all.

“Together, the people of Swakopmund can build a future where every resident has the opportunity to flourish,” she said.

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