Swapo has enough land to build a hospital – Shaningwa

Eba Kandovazus

The Swapo Party has the capacity to build a hospital, instead of transforming its headquarters in the Capital into a top notch health facility as demanded by some.

The secretary general said this during her annual address to the Swapo Party staff member.

Sophia Shaningwa said the party’s headquarters opposite the aging and dilapidated Katutura State Hospital, has become the subject of public comment with some suggesting that it be transformed into a state of the art hospital.

She said the building has not been constructed to accommodate a hospital with doctors’ surgeries.

Shaningwa however, said that the party has enough land to build a hospital. “Surely if the community wants a hospital, we will scratch our minds and ensure that we build a hospital. We will see who to partner with.’’

She told the Swapo faithful that the party’s financials have been audited, and that no questionable amounts were detected in the payments for the construction of Swapo’s headquarters, putting to rest claims that the party benefited from the tainted Fishrot millions.

Shaningwa stressed that the money to construct the modern office building came from Kalahari Holdings and its subsidiaries and individuals who contributed.

The building has the capacity to accommodate big and small conferences and is nearing completion.

Turning to internal Swapo issue, Shaningwa warned against the creation of factions in the party, ahead of its ordinary congress this year.

“Internal elections of our Party should be carried out in a free, fair and democratic manner. We are cognisant that due to the political architecture and nature of contestation, people always tend to form groupings. However, we have learned from previous years that
groupings, factions and teams shall not do us any favour. We must be able go into such internal elections united and also emerge more united in the name of our Party,” she emphasised.

According to Shaningwa, the National Policy Conference which could not be held last year (2021) due to COVID-19 restrictions will be held soon.

“All regions are called upon to prepare themselves for this important conference. This is where policy discussions and debates will happen and proposals to the Congress will be made. Prepare your proposals for resolutions. The Party wings, namely the SPWC, SPYL, SPEC and regions structures are expected to hold their respective conferences. The structures of the Party such as Regions and Districts are also expected to hold their mandatory conferences and Extra-Ordinary Conferences,” she urged. Shaningwa further stated that party members and structures should seek advice from her office in the event that disputes arise.

“However, I am warning that issues of unnecessary nature that are created for self-interests and confusion might not enjoy my attention.

The energy of the Office of the Secretary General must and should not be abused. I am encouraging all of you leaders to refrain from creating unreasonable issues,”she said.

Shaningwa also urged the youth to join Swapo Party structures and participate, to enable them to be elected and serve the Party in higher level decision-making structures.

“Swapo party has groomed and continues to groom the youth, for them to take over leadership. Staff members in administrative positions are urged to render technical and administrative support to all the political principals without fear or favour.

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