SWAPO owes almost N$2 million for services rendered

Niël Terblanché

The Oranjemund branch of the SWAPO Party will be evicted from their offices in Oranjemund after it failed to pay for services rendered by the mining town’s local authority.

In a final letter of demand dated 11 May 2023 and addressed to the Secretary-General of the SWAPO Party, the Oranjemund Town Council’s legal representative states that the branch office owes it N$1 881 735 for services provided between June 2021 and January 2023.

“Despite the numerous assurances and arrangements made by your Oranjemund Branch to settle your outstanding debt, regrettably, you have thus far failed to fulfil your obligation to our client. Furthermore, you have failed to fulfil your obligation with regard to the repayment plan that was mutually agreed upon last month,” the letter reads.

The final letter of demand states that the Oranjemund Town Council has started with ejectment procedures against the SWAPO Pary Oranjemund Branch and the Orange Mouth Services Close Corporation, which was founded by members of the party, who have acted under the direction and on behalf of the SWAPO Party.

In this regard, the town council roped in the assistance of the Ileni Velikoshi legal firm.

In the letter of demand, the legal practitioner states that it has been instructed to initiate legal action in the High Court of Namibia to promptly recover the client’s outstanding dues unless the ruling party make a payment of N$1 881 735,55 into their trust account by Tuesday 16 May 2023.

As an alternative, the legal practitioner informed the Secretary-General of the SWAPO Party that the party can reinstate the existing repayment plan and avoid eviction proceedings.

“Our client requires a down payment of N$200 000 and the remaining balance must be paid in two equal monthly instalments,” the letter of demand reads.

The ruling party was also informed that the town council remains open to resolving the issue without involving the courts.

“If you wish to vary the repayment plan, please engage with us directly instead of contacting the client,” Velikoshi Inc. said in its letter of demand.

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