Swapo supports One-China Policy amidst escalating China Taiwan Tensions

Hertta-Maria Amutenja

In an affirmation of the One-China Policy amidst escalating China-Taiwan tensions, SWAPO has reiterated its steadfast commitment.

The party, through its Secretary General Sophia Shaningwa, underlined its recognition of Taiwan as an integral part of the People’s Republic of China, aligning with principles of multipolarity, togetherness, and cooperation.

She said Namibia solidifies its commitment to the One-China Policy, emphasizing the bond with China and the “Comprehensive Strategic Partnership.”

Furthermore, Shaningwa asserts Namibia’s commitment to trust, mutual respect, and non-interference in each other’s domestic affairs.

“Our organisation and its bilateral relations are premised on multipolarity, togetherness and cooperation, the principles which our two nations have cherished over the years,” said Shaningwa.

This stance aligns with China’s recent declaration during military talks with the United States, emphasising no compromise on the Taiwan issue.

China urged the US to cease arming Taiwan, emphasising equality and respect in military-to-military relations.

Official diplomatic ties between Namibia and China were established on March 22, 1990, marked by win-win partnerships and respect for sovereignty.

Meanwhile, Taiwan downplayed a Chinese satellite launch over its airspace, clarifying it did not consider it as election interference. Taiwan’s defence ministry apologized for an air raid alert, ruling out political motives after analysis.

In the global diplomatic landscape, Nauru cut ties with Taiwan in favour of Beijing after Taiwan’s elections. This move follows the election of pro-sovereignty candidate William Lai, viewed unfavourably by Beijing. Taiwan argues China’s actions challenge the international order, resisting China’s tactics to secure allegiance through financial aid in Nauru.

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