Swapo suspends Otjozondjupa Coordinator

Eba Kandovazu

SWAPO has suspended its Regional Coordinator for Otjozondjupa, Susan Hikopua on allegations of abuse of party finances and properties for personal gain, among other claims.

Hikopua, according to Clive Kavendjii, Otjozondjupa Information and Mobilisation officer, also orchestrated demonstrations against the leadership of the party in the region, and disregarded the party’s constitution. Kavendjii also alleges that Hikopua is sowing division among Swapo members in the region, and has thus been charged with insubordination towards the Regional Executive Committee.

Kavendjii however adds that no criminal charges have been laid against Hikopua pertaining to the misappropriation of funds.

Hikopua is also said to have enhanced activities undermining the interests of Swapo but promoting the interests of other political parties. She also acted in collaboration with counter revolutionary forces whose main objectives are to destroy the Swapo Party, her letter of suspension reads.

“At this stage it is just a suspension, where after investigations commence. Some of the issues that are listed on the suspension list are subject to thorough investigation. It is only after we investigate that we will determine what the way forward is,” Kavendjii says.

Hikopua says she has not formally been issued with the suspension letter but only found out about it through the media. “All these claims are pure lies. I know that it is because of congress that is upcoming. It is an infighting within the party maybe for this position that I hold. It’s a ploy. Unless they prove me otherwise, there is nothing of such a nature and if there was a problem, they could have brought it up in a meeting with the regional executives and in my presence, to say this is what the Coordinator is doing wrong. We could have deliberated on the issues. Their allegations and my side,”Hikopua says.

Hikopua has meantime been barred from carrying out duties and responsibilities of the office of the Regional Coordinator and has been warned to refrain from representing Swapo in the region.

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