‘SWAPO will build a better future’

Niël Terblanché

Namibians must build a better future by embracing the second phase of the struggle and making it their mission to bring about socio-economic emancipation.

President Hage Geingob, in his capacity as the President of the SWAPO Party, during the 63rd commemoration of the governing party’s existence at Grootfontein on Saturday, said his wish as the head of the organisation is for Namibians to continue and to complete the important work of the second phase of the struggle.

“Our work is not done, but if there is something that the past 63 years have told us – only the SWAPO Party has the pedigree, the history and the consistency to consolidate the gains of independence for the benefit of each and every Namibian. Let us hold hands and march forward as a united SWAPO Party to deliver prosperity to all Namibians,” Geingob said.

He said the rank and file of the party should celebrate the gains of the governing party in Namibia that it liberated through blood and sweat.

“We liberated Namibians to ensure a life of dignity for each and every citizen. Therefore, we should also use this important occasion of our 63rd anniversary to solemnly reflect on the work that lies ahead in the fulfilment of our second historic mission,” he said.

Geingob said that over the past 33 years of Namibian independence, the SWAPO Party has been working hard to unite Namibians and fight inequalities. He added that the SWAPO Party has been hard at work for the equal rights of all citizens to access health, education, food and security for the well-being of the nation.

“We have created jobs for Namibians; we have provided healthcare; we have rolled out infrastructure across the country; we have created universities where there were none,” he said.

According to Geingob, SWAPO is responsible for rolling out one of the most comprehensive social protection systems in Africa. For doubling the old-age pension from 600 Namibian Dollars, which at independence was disbursed along segregated racial lines.

“In 2016, we raised it from 600 Namibian Dollars to 1400 Namibian Dollars. People living with disability receive 1500 Namibian dollars. Between 2017-2019, the years of the most severe droughts to be ever recorded in Namibian history, the Government rolled out disaster relief amounting to over N$2 billion,” he said. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the governing party took decisive actions by giving qualifying Namibians a grant of N$700.

“We have guaranteed freedom of expression and that of the media. Under the SWAPO Party, we don’t only talk, we walk the talk on Effective Governance, which is buttressed by processes, systems and institutions,” Geingob said.

He said the party that is driving the developmental agenda of Namibia. The Harambee Prosperity Plan I and II is about accelerating the National Development Plans for the prosperity of Namibia.

“We have set up a Fourth Industrial Revolution Task Force, which is gearing Namibia up for the future of work, Artificial Intelligence, robotics and the internet of things. Through the Business Rescue Task Force, we are working to protect businesses and entrepreneurs,” he said.

According to Geingob, the potential of the Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Industry and the discoveries of oil to transform the country is enormous.

He said Namibians should seize these opportunities that can eliminate unemployment and poverty in our country.

“People were asking, where are the jobs? As we speak, they are being created in the Green Hydrogen Industry, as well as the Oil and Gas sectors. Pilot projects are being rolled out in the Erongo Region and the //Karas Region will follow very soon,” he said.

The President said Namibians must work with determination at all levels to change the fortunes of the people.

“I am optimistic that the future of Namibia under the SWAPO Party is much brighter,” he said.

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