Swapo’s Ohangwena branch supports Ndeitunga’s appointment

Stefanus Nashama

Swapo’s branch in Ohangwena Region has refuted claims from members of the public that the leadership in the region was not comfortable with President Hage Geingobs’s decision to replace former governor Walde Ndevashiya with the former police chief, Sebastian Ndeitunga.

The Presidency last week announced the appointment of Ndeitunga as the new regional governor, replacing Ndevashiya.

Responding to the claims this week, the Swapo Party’s Regional Coordinator for the Ohangwena Region, Philemon Josua clarified that the leadership in the region has welcomed and respected the decision of the president.

Josua said the president has the right and the power invested in him to appoint governors to the region, and for that reason, there is no need for mixed feelings in the region.

“It is on this ground that the Swapo Party in the Ohangwena Region distances itself from the motion of rejecting the appointment of Comrade Ndeitunga as our governor,” said Philemon.

While indicating the position of the region on the appointment, Josua informed that the regional leadership will support Ndeitunga for the role he is assigned to by Geingob.

This, he said includes the regional councillors from different constituencies.

At the same time, he emphasised unity and cooperation, saying that party members should always see the need to support each other.

Josua also urged party members to refrain from influences aimed at causing disunity in the regional leadership.

Those are influences fueled by the emotions of people outside the party, he mentioned.

The appointment of Ndeitunga has brought about criticism from some members of the public, expressing that it was not fair for Geingob to retain a person from retirement into public office.

Some criticism busted out that Ndeitunga was serving and heading a high profile in the police, and that has made him up to never fall for a lower position as such where he was appointed.

Commenting on the appointment of Ndeintunga, Political Analyst, Sakaria Johannes said there was nothing wrong with Geingob appointing Ndeitunga as governor.

“I have seen a lot of people, in general, and young people, in particular, showing their disappointment about the appointment of Ndeitunga, Kanime, and David Nauyoma in different offices. There is nothing wrong with that on Geingob’s side,” Johannes said.

He explained that many people questioning Ndeitunga’s appointment do not understand how the political system works.

“These are people who only question when something is done, but they have never familiarised themselves with the Supreme Constitution which gives Geingob the power to appoint governors,” he observed.

Despite this, Johannes pointed out that the same people who complain are the same people who give Geingob and Swapo power through voting.

“If Geingob is wrong, why do you keep on voting for him and trust him with your votes,’ he asked.

According to him, the gerontocracy that the country is suffering from is sponsored by the masses. He added that these are the same people who keep complaining.

In terms of the Namibian Constitution, a Governor works at the pleasure of the President.

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