Swift response restores services at flooded Tondoro Health Centre

Niël Terblanché

The Tondoro Health Centre in the Kavango West Region faced a daunting challenge as it was inundated by floodwaters following a heavy thunderstorm on Wednesday.

Despite the adversity, prompt action and cooperation from local authorities and the Roads Authority of Namibia (RA) ensured the delivery of all health services remained uninterrupted.

Ben Nangombe, the Executive Director of the Ministry of Health and Social Services, provided insights into the incident, revealing that multiple rooms within the health centre were affected.

These included the waiting area, reception area, pharmacy, storage area, and even the delivery room, all of which became waterlogged due to the deluge.

In a particularly unfortunate turn of events, a refrigerator in the health centre’s kitchen experienced a short circuit due to contact with water, exacerbating the situation.

“In our assessment, the rainwater that flooded the Health Center originated from a water pool that had formed along the nearby gravel road due to inadequate stormwater drainage,” Nangombe said.

Nangombe further assured the public that the Ministry of Health and Social Services is taking decisive steps in collaboration with the RA to prevent such incidents in the future. The planned mitigatory measures include creating channels to divert stormwater away from the health centre and erecting protective barrier walls around the waiting areas and entrance to the facility, effectively safeguarding against future waterlogging during thunderstorms.

“The extensive damage, including the evaluation of medical equipment and clinical supplies, has been assessed. Fortunately, no injuries to patients, staff members, or members of the public have been reported as a result of the incident,” Nangobe said.

He added that no major damage to medical equipment or clinical supplies has been reported.

“Despite the challenges faced by the Tondoro Health Centre, all health services have been fully restored, which is a clear demonstration of the resilience and commitment of the medical staff and local authorities in the face of adversity,” Nangombe stated.

Meanwhile, the Omuthiya Town Council has extended a helping hand to residents adversely affected by a recent thunderstorm.

Several structures, particularly homes in areas like the Kaniita informal settlement, suffered damage during the storm on Monday and Tuesday.

Ottilie Shingenge, spokesperson for the town council, indicated that the local authority has already completed an assessment of the damage, with at least eight homes confirmed as affected.

Shingenge assured the public that the council is fully committed to providing emotional support and temporary accommodation to those in need.

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