“The allegations against me are a misunderstanding”- Mwapopi

Eba Kandovazu

FISHROT accused, Phillipus Mwapopi, today told Judge Shafimana Ueitele that the allegations and criminal charges against him are a mere misunderstanding and that he does not believe he could be jailed as a result.

Mwapopi, a city police officer is applying for bail alongside former Justice Minister, Sacky Shanghala; former Investec Asset Management Managing Director, James Hatuikulipi; former Fishcor Chief Executive Officer, Mike Nghipunya; Otneel Shuudifonya and Pius Mwatelula. It is Mwapopi’s testimony that he made an offer to Nghipunya to supply dried to Fishcor for a drought relief food aid programme. According to him, his supplier from Karibib sold him the products for N$3,1 million, which he then sold to Fishcor for N$4.2 million through his company Wanakadu Investment.

The products which he sourced and supplied were 523 bags of dried fish, 173 bags of horse mackerel, 200 bags of dried kingklip bones and 150 bags of dried hake heads. The State alleges that the fish never reached Fishcor. Mwapopi was being cross examined by State Advocate, Cliff Lutibezi, when he said Nghipunya is not his friend, although the two know each other in a social setting.

“I know Nghipunya as a Namibian citizen staying in Windhoek. I know him since 2010.I know him in a social setting. We have been playing soccer together. Whatever Fishcor did with that fish I don’t know but the project was called drought relief. Some of these public members when they get this fish they sell it.
I’ve seen people selling these drought relief food,” he says.

Mwapopi insists that the dried fish indeed reached Fishcor, that Nghipunya’s Secretary at the time called him saying the company would pick up the fish themselves at Karibib. He insists he was not present when the fish was picked up although his supplier, one Nicky (now deceased) said the fish was picked up, according to him.


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