The need should outweigh the fear

Dear thought explorers, it has been a week of epiphanies and revelations for me, and I am excited to share with you this week’s meditation.

Last week we spoke on how we are becoming go getters and achieving our goals, for the next few weeks I will break down into the smallest detail on how to step into the fullness of our crowns

This will probably sound insane, but the lesson learned is very profound. It was a Sunday morning, I was sitting in the salon getting my hair done and my stomach just started to hurt randomly, now if you know me, you know I am a germophobe. I’ve always said the only way to get me to use a public toilet like that is if it’s a complete emergency. Now I have never had an emergency like that before, but dear Thought Explorer, when I tell you I had to run to the nearest toilet like my life dependent on it, it was almost comical! There was no time to think about the germs or the number of people who used that bathroom, I was simply being driven by need that it overrode my usual thinking patterns.

I began with this story because when I got home and thought about it, an epiphany hit me. I realized that the reason we don’t act on all the things we want to do is because we over think them so much that the mind keeps presenting us with more reasons as to why we shouldn’t do it in the first place. So how do we rewire the mind?

Mel Robbins has a book out on the 5 second rule, she explains how to rewire your mind in there and it is absolutely worth the read, but the point I want to bring home is this:

Move like the fear doesn’t exist, like the doubt has no voice, move like you need to go to the bathroom immediately. Take all the goals you have set for yourself this year and treat them like your life dependent on achieving them because it does.

Self-improvement is a journey that takes time and consistency, but it is worth it in the end. I have come to realize that you cannot completely eliminate fear, but you can take its control away by embracing it and acting on it despite it. We begin to embrace fear when we look at the bigger picture of where we aspire to end up without being discouraged by where we are now. We embrace fear when we can look at others that have achieved what we want without comparing ourselves to them, so go ahead and allow yourself to be fierce and bold anyways.

Connect with that inner child within you that doesn’t see limits, look at your dreams and expectations as a child would look at something they want. I remember on Christmas I was sitting with my 9 years old nephew in a new plot the family acquired, and we were all brainstorming on what type of structure to build there, and this little human said, “why don’t we just build a long building that reaches the sky”? So I asked him, “how will we get down “?

He said to me “we put a slide” for him, it was that simple and as he spoke his face literally came alive, he was so animated.

He didn’t care whether this was realistic or not, it was just a simple solution to a problem we had at hand.

It made me think on it deeply that if I could always just approach my goals like this, I would have little anxiety over the future, but as an adult who is more aware of life and understand that life isn’t linear, I can tailor my goals to survive reality without having to compromise on them or having to stop seeing their beauty and losing excitement because of setbacks.

I must warn you that this journey of embracing will leave you completely vulnerable to the unknown and that is when the magic will begin. That’s when you start being a big thinker turned conqueror. So, fly little birdy!

Have a lovely week filled with intentionality towards embracing fear.


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