The Ovambanderu ‘Game of Thrones’ finale in August.

Hertta-Maria Amutenja

The High Court has reserved judgment in a matter in which the late Ovambanderu Chief Kilus Nguvauva sought an order declaring the establishment of the Hoveka Traditional Authority null and void.

The judgment will be delivered in August. The application, lodged on behalf of the Ovambanderu Traditional Authority (OTA), is also seeking an order declaring the Chief, Trimuro Hoveka and Councilors illegitimate .

This follows the government’s recognition of Turimuro Hoveka as Chief. The late Nguvauva approached the High Court in 2019 to challenge the government’s decision to recognize Hoveka as a traditional leader.

The late Chief passed away in 2021 and cited the Minster of Urban and Rural Development, President Hage Geingob, Hoveka, Council of Traditional Leaders, Governor of Omaheke Region and Hoveka Traditional

Authority as the respondents.

Nguvauva’s argument is that the Hoveka clan is one of the clans that make up the Ovambanderu and that the Ovambeduru cannot have two Chiefs.

“Recognition of two Chiefs in respect of the Ovambanderu people is unheard of in our tradition and customs and will be totally untenable. It will confuse the people and result in unrest in the community.

There is not mention of the Hoveka Royal House or clan in the history books as a separate or distinct clan or grouping as there is to the Zeraua, Kambeazembi, Ovaherero and Ovambanderu. The Hovekas are always mentioned as part of the Ovambanderu,” Nguvauva argued.

In response, Hoveka said there is no dispute that the Hoveka Royal House is comprised of Ovambanderu, and that the Ovambanderu clans have never been under a centralized leadership.

Nguvauva further sought a court interdict that would prohibit Hoveka from establishing a traditional authority in respect of members of the Ovambanderu Traditional Community (including the Hoveka clan) inhabiting Eiseb Block, Epukiro, Otjombinde, Aminius, Otjinene, Opuwo and Gam.

In November 2018, Peya Mushelenga, then Minister of Urban and Rural Development, recognized Hoveka as a traditional leader and the Hoveka Royal House, as a traditional authority in the jurisdiction of Eiseb Block in Otjombinde constituency.

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