THE POETS QUILL:A big steps kind of year!


Happy New Year, my thoughts explorers! Here is to 2024 embodying a tree-like nature. Staying grounded. Connecting with our roots.

Turning over a new leaf. Bending before we break and enjoying our unique beauty. Keep growing and glowing!

In the last season of The Poet’s Quill, we focused on transforming our mindsets, this year on this platform, we are embarking on the journey of walking in the fullest manifestation of that renewed and transformed mindset. If you are new here, welcome to our little corner of personal development and holistic living. I am Desire and I hope you become a member of the tribe!

This is our first meditation of the year and I had put myself under a lot of pressure to say something impactful along the lines of “New year, new me” but it was not resonating with me, so I will be authentic, I will write this meditation as I would in my journal. I can safely say I have spent the entire 2023 unlearning the conditioning I received as a child, learning how to communicate my boundaries and say no and most importantly the last season was about Becoming. Against that background, the theme of my 2024 is titled “The Crowning.”

What is crowning? What does that look like? Imagine the story of David and Goliath from the bible, David was anointed as King by a prophet but did not immediately become King before he could be crowned king, he had to grow into his role, he had to surrender his heart to God and operate from a heart space of pure faith so that he could defeat Goliath the giant with a slingshot and a rock. Only then could he truly fit the shoes of his appointment. This little shepherd boy went from being a sheep header to being King of a nation. What you probably don’t know is that before David was told he would be king, he had already killed a lion in the wilderness that was trying to kill his sheep, he was brave because he trusted the God who strengthened him. He did not doubt himself nor did he hesitate in doing what he believed was right.

Therefore, in this crowning season, we are all David, and our Goliath is fear, doubt, insecurities, feelings of inadequacy, imposter syndrome, unforgiveness and every other weight that you have been carrying that holds you back. In this new season we are believing in ourselves fiercely that it borders delusional, we will have faith that is without borders and a hunger for purpose that cannot be sidelined by limiting beliefs. This is the season of taking the big steps to your throne. Only you know the dream that God has placed in your heart. I invite you to journey with me on this walk of bringing to life the moving picture of our ideal lives one step at a time. To hold God accountable for his promises about our lives. This means we are not doubting ourselves; we are not underestimating our value and worth, we are saying no and most importantly we are no longer playing it small and safe.

This year smells a lot like money, it smells like opportunities, it smells like “congratulations”. This year has transformation written all over it. Let this year be about the physical representation of all that inner work you have been doing. It is time to step out of the wilderness and into the promised land. Make this year so personal because if you are like me, then you understand that you have a purpose, that you matter and that your very existence is divine, because of that knowledge you cannot keep doing the same things, thinking the same thoughts, and expecting a different result. Change the battlefield that is between your heart and mind and create cohesion and unity from within so that when you take those big steps and enter into the rooms you have been praying about, you won’t feel like an imposter.

I genuinely believe it is time to start creating the life you have been lusting for, you’ve already tried being the good girl and good boy, you tried being the people pleaser who wanted everyone to like you. So now it’s time to be the ambitious, driven, confident individual who is determined to be the best. No more begging for life, if you want it, believe with all your heart that it is yours and you will have it. Here is to a beautiful year my dearest thought explorer.

Let me know what big steps look like to you!


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