Thousands apply for 20 volunteer teaching opportunities 

Hertta-Maria Amutenja

More than 2000 graduate teachers have applied for 20 volunteer teaching positions at Oshigambo High School in the Oshikoto Region.

Last week, the school put out an advertisement looking for qualified volunteer teachers to gain experience while securing a permanent teaching position.

The school’s principal, Pinehas Ekongo, stated that the aim is to provide newly graduated teachers with experience and relieve unemployment stress.

“Oshigambo High School invites unemployed educators to join our team voluntarily. This is your chance to associate with one of the most competent schools in the country, build your teaching pedigree, and stay engaged with schoolwork while securing a permanent teaching position,” reads the advertisement.

Ekongo announced that the selection process would follow a first-come, first-served model, with the verification of qualifications.

“We want the newly graduated people to gain experience and also to reduce some unemployment stress. We will provide accommodation for the teachers and even give them an allowance. We also will not be interviewing because we are selecting on a first-come, first-served basis and only verifying their qualifications and perhaps the institution they are from if need be,” said Ekongo.

The school is offering volunteer positions in various subjects, including mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, English, Oshindonga, geography, history, and physical science.

Two teachers are needed per subject.

Applicants are urged to send their curriculum vitae (CV) to for consideration.

One of the graduates from the Omusati Region, Dina Shiikwa expressed hope, stating she has been jobless since graduating last April.

“My fingers are crossed again. I can only pray and hope to get this opportunity. The schools don’t want us without experience, and this would help me,” she said.

Last month, approximately 4,400 students graduated from the University of Namibia.

Similarly, a total of 2,243 students graduated from Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) this year, with women comprising 57% of the graduates.

Between 2017 and 2023, approximately 8,000 qualified teachers were unemployed.

A disgruntled group of teachers revealed this in a petition they presented to education director Isak Hamatwi in November 2023.

In their protest, the National Steering Committee on Unemployed Teachers in Namibia witnessed a massive turnout, especially in the Kavango East region, where unemployed teachers took to the streets to voice their frustration.

The protestors called for halting university courses offering lower and upper primary education, as the current market cannot absorb graduates.

In addition, the unemployed teachers said that the focus should be on secondary education and language courses, which are more in demand.

In March, Namibia National Teachers Union (Nantu) secretary general Loide Shaanika revealed plans to create a database of unemployed teachers to determine why they were not selected for positions. She said this database will also capture the institutions where the qualified teachers studied and their regions of origin.

This initiative comes amidst increasing demands from unemployed teachers for the government to create employment opportunities.

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