Thousands demonstrate against BDF killings

Helena Johannes

Thousands of Namibians took to the streets to demand justice for four Namibian fishermen killed by the Botswana Defense Force (BDF) on Thursday 05 November 2020.

One group marched to the Botswana High Commission in Windhoek, were it presented a petition, which was received by the High Commissioner, Batlang Comma Serema, who was given seven days to respond.

Among some of the demands was the speedy completion of investigations, to be jointly conducted by the Namibian Police Force and the Botswana Police.

The Botswana government has been asked to abolish its shoot to kill policy which has been attributed to the death of more than 37 Namibians in Zambezi area since independence.

“Although the petition is addressed to me, this issue which is very sensitive has been escalated to my president Mokgweetsi Masisi. I promise you that immediately after this meeting, this petition will reach him within few hours,” Serema said.

The three brothers Tommy, Martin and Wamunyima Nchimbo from the Zambezi region went fishing in the Chobe River, were they lost their lives at the hands of BDF along with a Zambian national.

Their mother who was in her 60s also passed on due to what is believed to be a heart attack six days after the fatal shooting of her sons.

In Katima, protestors are alleged to have burned the Botswana flag.

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