Tjama denies tribal remarks

Staff Writer

Former vice chancellor of the Namibia University of Science and Technology (Nust), Dr Tjama Tjivikua has rubbished a WhatsApp message screenshot currently in circulation that has been anonymously attributed to him discussing various developments at the university. He has labelled it fake news.

“This week, social media has seen another repeated and blatant attempt to mar my good name. This is in the form of the same fake postings, which appeared last year and were debunked as fake news. They hold no validity or truth whatsoever,” he told the Windhoek Observer.

He denied that conversation, where he is allegedly against the appointment of a particular ethnic group to lead the country’s second university, had ever taken place.

“The purported conversation is totally false. There was never such a conversation. Those who use the social media to spread untruths, misinformation and disinformation carry a hideous agenda. That is why they don’t come out in the public to state what they create in the dark. I, as everyone who is offended and whose character is being tainted, must come out to dispel the lies, falsehoods and nonsense that are propelled by the mis-informants. Therefore, I present the true picture here again for all to see the falsehood being perpetuated,” he said.

Quizzed if the message will have a negative impact on his standing in society, he said, “My reputation is well-known for being a person and leader who holds no feelings of hate, anger, tribalism and ethnocentrism. This is very clear in my background, upbringing and personal and professional life.”

“Those who have tried to taint my name by spreading falsehoods will be put to shame by my personal and professional record and associations, such as in friendships and in business. They don’t know my true character and those who know me will put them to shame.”

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