Tjombe to sue Oshakati violent nurses

Rose-Mary Haufiku and Tujoromajo Kasuto

Human Rights lawyer, Norman Tjombe, will be suing the three unidentified nurses from the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital on behalf of the family.

The lawyer confirmed this to Windhoek Observer. The three nurses have since been moved from their stations after a viral video in which they appear to be physically abusing an elderly patient at the hospital was leaked.

“We have started the process already, we have given the necessary notices to the government, hopefully within 30 days or so we should be able to issue a summons,” said Tjombe.

This is in response to a video that went viral on social media platforms of the three nurses assaulting a patient. On a following the twitter on 1 April 2021, Tjombe shared a timeline that he manged to get hold of the patient’s family.

“Thank you everyone for the prompt assistance. I have managed to make contact with the family of the victim, and we are now taking up the matter,” said he.

Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS)’s Executive Director, Ben Nangombe, told the Windhoek Observer that investigations are still on.

“These are matters of human resource. Policy wise in any organisation, you do not start to discuss issues like that to the media. We have information that this is what is happening and we are going to give information when the process is done. Because the moment you start talking about it to the media, you’ll be seen to want to influence the process. Particularly if it is now coming from me that am the accounting officer. People will take it that I either want to rush the process or something like that. I am not permitted to talk about something like that with the media, while the process is ongoing,” said Nangombe.

Namibian Nurses Union Secretary General, Junias Shilunga, also told the Windhoek Observer that investigations are still not done.

This comes as on the night of 28 March 2021, three unidentified nurses at Oshakati Intermediate Hospital were filmed physically and verbally assaulting a patient.

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