Trade Ministry honours Geingob

Martin Endjala

Minister of Industrialisation and Trade (MIT) Lucia Iipumbu, has last week honoured the late President Hage Geingob with a candlelight ceremony for his success during his tenure as minister.

She described him as a remarkable statesman, a visionary leader, and a true servant of the people, who has made an immense impact across the globe.

Iipumbu said Geingob played a pivotal role in terms of shaping the trade and industrial policy regime of the country.

She said that Geingob’s passing leaves a void that will be felt deeply by all who had the privilege of knowing him, working with him, and being inspired by him.

“As we mourn his loss, let us also take comfort in the enduring impact of his legacy.

Let us honor his memory by rededicating ourselves to the ideals and principles that he held dearly unity, resilience, inclusion and a steadfast commitment to the betterment of our nation.

We further pledge to continue building on this legacy including his bigger dream of green industrialisation, “ she said.

Iipumbu said it was during Geingob’s tenure as minister that the first Industrial Policy for Namibia was developed and approved by the Cabinet and subsequently tabled in Parliament.

She highlighted that under his leadership, Namibia witnessed exceptional growth and prosperity in its trade relations with other nations.

She noted that Geingob understood the crucial role that trade and industrial cooperation play in driving economic progress and improving the lives of people.

“His efforts to strengthen trade and investment ties, negotiate mutually beneficial agreements, and create opportunities for Namibian businesses, he will be remembered as cornerstones of his legacy,” she said.

The minister added that Geingob facilitated the review of the Namibian Investment law which he tabled to the Cabinet, and Parliament even though it was later challenged in court.

This law is geared to replace the current Foreign Investment Act and will address domestic investors’ challenges and lead to local economic empowerment.

The Minister informed that the ministry is at an advanced stage to finalise this bill and they are privileged to have received his final input on the important piece of legislation.

As part of additional support towards small business development, MIT through its then-implementing agency, the Namibia Development Corporation (NDC) successfully built business premises in various towns across the country.

Today the country boasts of more than 45 such industrial and SME parks enabling a viable environment under which entrepreneurship can flourish.

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