Tragedy strikes at the Iinongo Village

Niël Terblanché

Pathologists will have to perform a post-mortem examination on a four-year-old boy who allegedly died while playing around a parked car at his home in the Iinongo Village near Oniipa late on Friday afternoon.

According to the incident report provided by the Public Relations Division of the Namibian Police, the tragedy occurred at about 18:30 when the father of the deceased child arrived home from work and he pulled his car, a red Volkswagen Golf, into the yard of his house.

“It is alleged that the little boy and his five-year-old sibling ran outside to welcome their 36-year-old father home. The man parked his car and left the children outside while going inside to use the toilet,” the report reads.

It is not clear what happened next but the father told investigators that he heard crying outside and when he rushed outside, he found the little boy bleeding from the head on the ground.

“The man loaded his child in the car and rushed him to the Onandjokwe Hospital but the little boy was declared dead upon arrival.

The report states that the second child was not injured at all.

The police did not identify the victim or the father.

In the meantime, a case of culpable homicide was registered with the Namibian Police in Onayena against the deceased child’s father.

The man was not arrested but an investigation into the tragedy will continue.

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