Truck driver fighting for his life in hospital . . . after mob justice beating for running over a pedestrian that led to his death

Tujoromajo Kasuto

A security company truck driver is fighting for his life in the Katutura Intermediate State Hospital in a critical condition after he was severely assaulted by the community members after he allegedly run over a 33- year-old man identified as Kabelo Andreas Mokhatu who died on the spot.

NamPol Spokesperson, Chief Inspector Elifas Kuwinga, says the on Friday between 16h00 and 1700, on Friday between 16h00 and 1700, Mountain Street at Goreangab residential area, Windhoek. It is alleged that Mokhatu was fighting with another person when he fell down on the road and was run over by the truck and died instantly. The police says the truck was also badly damaged by stoning by community members and police investigations are ongoing in the matter.

Meanwhile on Friday, 29 October, at about 04h30 at Okadiloti village in the Omusati Region, it is alleged that a 30-year-old man was cut by someone from behind on his neck, with an unknown object, whilst from a wedding party and he sustained serious injury. He is currently in the intensive care unit of the Oshakati Hospital.

On Friday between 16h00 and 1700 at the corner of Emau and Ceaser Street in Soweto, it is alleged that the 26-year-old Alexander Jason was stabbed in the neck with a knife after a short argument and succumbed to his injuries at around 20h00 whilst on the way to the hospital. According to Kuwinga, the suspect who is known, ran away after the incident and police efforts to trace him are underway.

At Onayena in the Oshikoto Region on Saturday at around 01h25 at Oshipanda village in Oshigambo area, the lifeless body of a 52-year-old Martin Razurus was found in his bedroom. It is further alleged that the deceased died in sleep after earlier visiting a cuca shop.

Meanwhile, at Aussenkehr, a farm on the banks of the Orange River in the south of Namibia, on Saturday about 18h00 at Block 5, a 28-year-old Gregorius Martin Jossop was stabbed with a knife after a quarrel and died shortly after arriving at the hospital. The suspect, his cousin, has been arrested and police investigations are ongoing.

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