Trustco Attains Environmental Clearance for Industrial Development

Martin Endjala

Trustco Property Holdings, a subsidiary of Trustco Group Holdings Ltd, recently secured the Environmental Clearance Certificate for the Lafraz industrial township development.

This industrial initiative is strategically located just 7 kilometres from the central business district of Windhoek, on the remaining portions of Farm Nubuamis No. 37.

Trustco Properties finalized the acquisition of the 302-hectare parcel in 2004 and has since successfully developed 83 hectares into industrially zoned areas, known as Lafranz Extensions 1, 2, and 3.

Neville Basson, the Trustco Group Spokesperson, highlighted that this industrial advancement has sparked a myriad of job opportunities, propelling economic growth in the short, medium, and long term.

He added that the remaining 157 hectares, consisting of portions 81, 133, and the remainder of portion A, unveil prospects for future industrial developments.

Basson stressed that the ECC renewal manifests Trustco Property Holdings’ steadfast commitment to sustainable industrial development and stringent adherence to Namibia’s environmental norms.

“The organization’s forward-thinking approach to environmental management incorporates comprehensive strategies ensuring economic sustainability while embracing environmental responsibility,” Basson elaborated.

Meanwhile, Trustco Property Chief Executive Officer, Le-Hugo Van Rooyen, expressed his elation at renewing their ECC for the Lafranz industrial township development.

He emphasized the company’s unwavering commitment to compliance, responsible growth, and maintaining the highest environmental standards. Detailed planning and preparations for the ensuing phase of the Lafranz property development are reportedly in advanced stages.

“Trustco has persistently showcased its allegiance to compliance, nurturing constructive collaborations with government authorities, investors, and private sector constituents to facilitate responsible industrial expansion without compromising environmental integrity,” affirmed the CEO.

The efforts made by Trustco mirror a dedication to balanced growth, adhering to regulatory standards while fostering environmental preservation and economic progress.

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