Tsumeb street market to boost entrepreneurs

The Tsumeb municipality has initiated a street market to provide the resident with an opportunity to showcase and sell whatever products they wish to generate an income.

An amount of N$250 will be charged for SME stalls, and N$500 for Corporates at the informal marketing that will be held every first weekend of each month, behind the First National Bank at the town.

“This is an initiative which aspires to resuscitate our economy through the empowering of local entrepreneurs and ease the effects of Covid-19 which led to many business failing, thus pushing many into abject poverty. Therefore, this will help anyone with goods, anything of value to sell. Many have their things but are unable to sell because there is no platform,” said Tsumeb Mayor Mathew Hangula.

“I understand we live in a 4th industrial revolution world where everything is digital, but still there are those who are underprivileged without access to internet and smartphones, thus this informal market, helps uplift such people,” added Hangula.

Furthemore, he said, the street market does not mean to kill the Copper Festival, but this is a short-term economic boost for the residents who suffered the brunt of Covid-19.

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