Two 19-year-olds use Sisa Namandje’s name in scam

Tujoromajo Kasuto

Two 19-year-old men, Jerome Haragaeb and Simon Shuuya, are accused of attempting or defrauding a number of people via a phoney ‘’Business Proposal to Investors and Shareholders’’ relating to Gure Trading, which is responsible for sand mining, bricklaying, diamond polishing, and food production

According to NAMPOL spokesperson Deputy Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi, the duo pretended to belong to other entities and or companies that are allegedly managing some government projects.

Additionally, they associated themselves with Sisa Namadje law firm, using a proposal bearing a fake Sisa Namandje logo, claiming to be facilitating and or rendering legal services to businesses on behalf of the law firm.

As a result, Shikwambi said some people in the areas of Khomas and Erongo regions where the

duo were operating from have fallen victim to the scam.

Meanwhile, the management of Sisa Namandje law firm in a recent press release, has distanced itself from the dubious dealings of the two registered a criminal case which is under investigation.

The Namibian Police Force are requesting for people who may have fallen victim to this fraud to contact Sergeant Joseph Ndiliowike on 081 3065585 or thePolice Public Relations Division.

‘’Fraud is an economic crime which is very prevalent; where we have scammers operating syndicates and soliciting funds under false pretence. Hence, we continue to reiterate our caution to especially those Namibians who continue to allow themselves to be lured and are easily convinced into trading and subsequently deceived of their hard earned money. We encourage individuals to always assess and verify matters before committing to anything,’’ said Shikwambi.

Haragaeb and Shuuya were arrested on 08 August 2022 for fraud, forgery and uttering and appeared in the Katutura Magistrate Court on 10 August 2022. The case has been postponed and they will apply for bail on the the 23rd of August.

According to the alleged proposal provided by the Namandje Law Firm, the duo alleged that they are registered with Karibib Town Council as the sole tender holders in the Otjimbingwe area as subcontractors.

They invited investments of N$5000.00 in their sand mining company through which they could receive dividends of N$12 000 weekly on a three-month contract.

On a three-year investment of N$3000 in the bricklaying business will yield a weekly payment of

N$11 364 and a N$7000 investment in polishing will yield a monthly income of N$35 000, according to the two.

‘’On food production we haven’t received indices yet so no comments on that one for now.

This is an official legal proposal to my clients business partners that show interest. Jerome Haragaeb agrees to adhere to the business proposal and strategy.

I declare my assets if anything has to be fraudulent. I agree that all percentages will be provided as per indicated,’’ states the proposal.

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