Two Namibian long-distance trucks burn in Botswana after crash

Erasmus Shalihaxwe

Two Namibian registered long-distance trucks are confirmed to have burnt down in a road accident last week Friday at Bere on the Trans Kalahari Corridor (TKC) in Botswana.

The accident involved five trucks and resulted in two drivers dead and one hospitalized.

Ankwetse Odirile Hunda, the Trans Kalahari Corridor Marketing and Communications Officer, announced over the weekend that they are in constant communication with authorities in Botswana.

The authorities have confirmed that the other two trucks are Botswana-registered. Unfortunately, the fifth truck burnt to ashes, and its registration and the identity of the driver are yet to be determined.

He said that the Botswana authorities reported that the crash was a result of poor visibility caused by a fire raging along the road.

The first two trucks collided due to poor visibility, and then the rest of the trucks piled onto each other.

“The public is informed that the road has been cleared and opened for use. TKCS wishes to encourage drivers not to take unnecessary risks when driving. It is always important to be safe and make calculated decisions that will promote road safety,” he asserted.

He added that TKCS is currently working on the development of road incident management standards concerning the transportation of dangerous goods.

The standard will also allow member states to forge strategic partnerships on the management of road incidents involving dangerous goods.

“The TKCS is further focusing on driver education as well as joint law enforcement operations, where drivers are further engaged on road safety matters.

TKCS hereby conveys heartfelt condolences to the families of the deceased, governments, and citizenry of the TKC as well as to the companies involved,” he concluded.

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