Residents of Swakopmund have been warned to refrain from disposing of hot coals and ashes in regular refuse bins, as improper disposal of such materials poses significant risks.
The warning came after a large cloud of black smoke was seen billowing over the coastal town, sparking concern among residents. The black smoke was caused by old vehicle tyres that caught fire on Thursday at about lunchtime.
The smoke was a result of a fire at the local waste dump site.
The situation was, however, quickly brought under control by the Swakopmund Fire and Rescue Services.
Despite the dramatic appearance of the smoke, especially with the current East-weather conditions at the coast, authorities confirmed there was no reason for serious alarm.
Linda Mupupa, the spokesperson of the Swakopmund Municipality warned that hot coals and ashes pose a hazard and have the potential to cause damage to waste management infrastructure.
“To mitigate these dangers, it is recommended that residents allow hot coals and ashes to cool completely in a designated fireproof container before disposal,” she said.
She added that by taking these precautions, the community can ensure safety and minimize environmental impact.
Mupupa said that the incident serves as a reminder that residents should adhere to safety guidelines that will help prevent similar incidents in the future and maintain the well-being of the community.

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