US Embassy moves to its new premises in Klein Windhoek

Stefanus Nashama

In a significant development marking the evolution of relations between the United States of America and Namibia, the United States of America recently moved its embassy operations to its newly constructed site in Klein Windhoek.

Tiffany Miller, the Public Affairs Officer and Spokesperson for the US Embassy in Windhoek announced this transition, signifying the closure of the embassy’s previous location and the commencement of operations at the new diplomatic facility.

Miller said that the move to the new site in Windhoek represents not just a physical shift but also symbolizes the future trajectory of collaboration between the United States and Namibia.

“The US Embassy in Windhoek is now fully operational at the new site, embodying the ongoing and evolving partnership between our two nations,” she said.

The new embassy, according to Miller, is designed to better accommodate the dynamic needs of diplomatic, consular, health, and cultural engagements.

This development marks a continuation of the services that have been provided during the 34 years of strong relations between the US and Namibia.

Miller also acknowledged the sentimental value of the old chancery, emphasizing that the memories and legacy created there will remain cherished.

US Ambassador to Namibia, Randy Berry, reflected on this milestone and spoke about the enduring relationship between the two countries.

“As we transition to our new embassy, we are closing a significant chapter and embarking on a new era in the US-Namibia relationship,” Berry remarked.

He further stressed that the move to the new embassy is not just about a change of location but also about honouring and understanding the shared history between the United States and Namibia.

Berry reiterated that the move is a clear indication of the US’s commitment to continue building upon the solid foundation of the partnership established over the years.

Ambassador Berry stressed the significance of this move for the future of US-Namibia relations.

“With the US Embassy in Windhoek’s transition to its new home, we eagerly anticipate a future filled with continued collaboration, stronger ties, and a deepening partnership that will add to the rich narrative of US-Namibia friendship,” he said.

He added that the move signifies a new chapter in diplomatic relations, promising enhanced cooperation and mutual growth for both nations.

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