Venaani advocates for peaceful resolution to Israel – Palestine conflict

Stefanus Nashama

McHenry Venaani, the leader of the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) and Vice-Chairman of the International Democrat Union, has voiced his concerns over the escalating war by Israel against Hamas, urging an immediate peaceful resolution to the situation.

Speaking on the issue, Venaani expressed deep concern about the escalating violence in the region.

His remarks follow an assault by Hamas, the Palestinian group governing the blockaded Gaza Strip, on Israeli towns last Saturday. This assault resulted in the capture of hundreds of hostages and reported deaths of approximately 1,100 people.

Israel’s counteraction was to declare a state of war, subsequently leading to attacks on the densely populated Gaza Strip, resulting in the death of hundreds.

Venaani emphasized the need for a peaceful strategy between the two states instead of further military confrontations.

“While understanding the valid concerns and security challenges Israel faces, it’s equally essential to recognize the struggles the Palestinian people endure in their quest for self-determination and freedom from adversity,” Venaani pointed out.

He strongly urged the involved parties to consider peaceful alternatives instead of intensifying the military conflict.

“This includes a ceasefire and initiating negotiations to address the root causes of the ongoing discord,” he added, while adding that this approach remains the only viable solution for both parties.

Venaani called on all stakeholders to halt the conflict, emphasizing the importance of upholding international law and respecting civilian rights on both sides.

He further implored the United Nations to actively engage in constructive negotiations to address the situation rather than solely condemning the actions of Hamas.

“War perpetuates a cycle of violence, leading to further pain, devastation, and animosity. It’s high time for lawmakers and the United Nations to intervene and bring an end to this protracted conflict,” Venaani said.

Venaani believes the global community must unite in the to achieve a future where Israelis and Palestinians coexist harmoniously, enjoying peace, security, and prosperity.

“The overarching aim should be to halt the violence and promote coexistence,” he stated.

Venaani has been serving as the Vice-Chairman of the International Democrat Union since August 2022.

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