Venaani is Lying- Muharukua

Stefanus Nashama

Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) Member of Parliament, Vipuakuje Muharukua, insists that he was unceremoniously removed from his Party position as Chief Whip, saying that there was no election in that regard, as the Party President McHenry Venaani claims. “Yes, I was removed, no need for clarity on that. The irregularities and appropriateness of my removal were not material,” insisted Muharukua

Meanwhile, Venaani is adamant that there was a vote conducted in which Muharukua lost to fellow parliamentarian Elma Dienda. In a widely circulated video, Venaani said Muharukua did not make it after receiving a minimal vote at a caucus meeting.

However, Muharuakua refutes the claim, terming it “an outright lie”.

“The only motivation I can think of for this lie is to discredit me as a leader with no support with PDM if I were to aspire for presidential office in 2024. The opposite is of course the truth,” he said.

Asked how he feel about the removal, Muharukua said “I already felt that I was removed even before it happened. There is no difference. I am still a senior member of the house and I will therefore still be impactful, command respect, be genuine and true in my approach,”Muharukua said.

Asked why he was removed, the MP said “follow the head of the new whip as we chart ahead.”

Efforts to reach the party Secretary General, Manuel Ngaringombe and party President Venaani proved futile.

Elma Dienda on her part echoed Venaani’s sentiments, saying she is not aware of Muharukua’s removal.

“All I know is that there was an election and I do not know anything about his removal,” she said.

The new Deputy Chief Whip, Maximiliant Katjimune said the election at the caucus meeting was fair and in accordance with the usual universal election norms and standards.

He added that for the position of Chief Whip, only Dienda was nominated and subsequently elected.
“I can guarantee you that everything was above board,” said Katjimune.

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