Verification process delays census payments

Stefanus Nashama

In response to criticism from the United People’s Movement (UPM) regarding unpaid census field staff, the Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) clarified last week that payments are subject to multiple verifications before they are released.

This rigorous verification process is in place to ensure transparency, efficiency, and compliance with standard procedures while minimizing errors.

Alex Shimuafeni, the Statistician-General, explained that payments are disbursed on a regional basis, with each region undergoing thorough verification.

The verifications encompass several aspects, including the condition of returned equipment, contract content validation, bank account details, rectification of previous payment errors or deductions, tax certificates, and handling of disciplinary matters.

Shimuafeni announced that the initial region’s payments are scheduled to commence on or before November 13, 2023. However, he said that the NSA would only proceed with payments if all verifications for that region were successfully completed. “NSA aims to make these initial payments on or before the specified day, provided that the payment batches pass the verification process,” he emphasized.

Simultaneously, Shimuafeni revealed that payment requests lacking essential documentation would be addressed separately to prevent delays. “To prevent further delays, NSA will process payment requests without the required documentation separately, ensuring they do not impede the overall process,” he reiterated.

Shimuafeni clarified that only the outstanding actual salaries of over 13,000 census field staff members are subject to verification, while all allowances for training, field staff, and transport have already been paid. He also addressed the issue of outstanding payments to transport providers, assuring that they would receive their payments once they were fully verified.

“The payment process for more than 2,700 vehicle owners involves contract verification, reconciling fuel usage with the balance owed to the service provider, counting days worked, and verifying bank account details,” he explained. These verifications have, at times, caused delays in the payment process.

Shimuafeni affirmed that NSA staff members are diligently working to ensure an effective and efficient process without compromising quality or legal compliance.

Regarding payments, Shimuafeni urged individuals who have not yet submitted their required documents to do so promptly to avoid unnecessary delays. He also appealed for patience and assured everyone that they would receive the payments they were owed.

Furthermore, Shimuafeni cautioned against fraudulent activities and emphasized that the NSA would only disburse funds based on the submitted banking details.

Last week, UPM criticized the NSA for allegedly exploiting census field staff by withholding their due payments, particularly at a time when youth unemployment is a pressing issue in the country. The party warned the NSA to expedite payments or face potential consequences.

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