Vulnerability Initiatives receive financial boost

Capricorn Foundation Injects N$1.5 Million into Fighting Poverty and Malnutrition in Namibia

With 18 percent of the Namibian population living below the poverty line and a quarter of children suffering from stunted growth due to malnutrition, urgent interventions are needed to alleviate the dire situation.

In this regard, the Capricorn Foundation has taken drastic steps to combat the growing challenges of malnutrition and poverty in Namibia by allocating nearly N$1.5 million towards Vulnerability Initiatives across the nation.

The funding, sourced from the Capricorn Group’s subsidiaries – Bank Windhoek, Capricorn Asset Management, and Entrepo – over the last three months, aims to address the urgent needs of the most vulnerable segments of the Namibian population.

Marlize Horn, the Executive Officer of the Capricorn Foundation, expressed pride in the Foundation’s track record since its launch in 2020, stressing its commitment to bringing about positive change and addressing the basic needs of vulnerable groups in Namibia.

She said that the Foundation continues to make a significant impact, focusing on children, hunger, poverty, and gender-based violence victim counselling to a portfolio of more than 40 projects and programs,

One of the key projects supported by the Foundation is the Centre for Strategic Community Innovation, a voluntary association in the Okakarara Constituency.

The initiative has received N$40,000 to establish an Agroecology Centre. This centre will serve as a beacon of hope for unemployed youth, small garden holders, and surrounding communities by providing access to information on agroecology farming and business skills training.

In addition, the Response Action-Based Organisation (RABO), crucial for providing first responder services in cases of domestic violence, suicidal cases, and child neglect or abuse within Windhoek and its surrounding areas, has been reaffirmed with a donation of N$300,000.

This funding will support food supplies, fuel, and other project-related costs, following the Foundation’s initial donation of a vehicle to RABO in 2022.

The Happyland Kindergarten and Safe Haven in Henties Bay, a sanctuary for 31 vulnerable children offering housing, nutrition, and education, has also been a beneficiary, receiving N$50,000 towards food support.

Meanwhile, Hope Village has been allocated N$187,000 for renovations to meet the Ministry of Health and Social Services standards, continuing to provide a home for 80 vulnerable children.

In partnership with the Nutrition and Food Security Alliance of Namibia (NAFSAN), the Foundation has dedicated N$511,000 to two initiatives aimed at advancing food security, and nutrition, and addressing malnutrition through community-based training and support for severely malnourished children in the Omaheke region.

Further extending its support, the Foundation has committed N$400,000 to Imago Dei for the acquisition of a new vehicle, enhancing the organization’s ability to reach vulnerable communities with essential services such as education, training, and psychosocial intervention.

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