Walvis Bay aims for increased investment by developing residential land

Niël Terblanché

The Walvis ay Town Council’s budget for the 2023/2024 financial year will focus mainly on the development of land for housing development.

Other areas where the budget is going be spent are in the improvement of service delivery, much-needed infrastructure repair, the replacement of vehicles and social projects.

Richard Hoaeb, the Chairperson of the management committee while delivering the council’s budget speech said the local authority tabled a N$609 million capital budget for the coming financial year.

He said that a total of N$312 million is anticipated to be spent during the coming financial year, while the remaining N$296 million was allocated for projects extending beyond June 2025.

Hoabeb said the significance of land delivery projects act as catalysts for economic growth and job creation.

“These projects play a crucial role in attracting investments and fostering prosperity within the region. The council currently has a list of ongoing land development projects aligned with their strategic objectives and public-private partnership initiatives,” he said.

Hoaeb stated that N$121 million was allocated to land development projects that will run for more than one financial year.

N$18.5 million has been budgeted for the development of Farm 37, Portion 11 and a further N$10.5 million for the electrification of Portion 10.

He said both portions will yield 727 erven, of which 677 are for residential purposes.

N$26.7 million was budgeted for the development of Narraville Extension 8, which will yield 81 erven, with 71 of them designated for residential purposes and N$11.5 million for the residential development of Extension 3 of the Meersig neighbourhood.

He added that N$11 million has been allocated towards service delivery-related projects, such as the implementation, upgrading and replacement of water and sewer infrastructure, as well as the planning and construction of a new wastewater treatment plant.

“We have also allocated N$16 million for infrastructure repair and replacement, including the tarring, resealing and rebuilding of streets and intersections,” he said.

N$18 million has been allocated for social projects such as the upgrading of the Ekutu stalls, the Narraville cemetery and the construction of a fire station at Farm 37.

Before officially tabling the new municipal budget, he stated that N$57 million will be used to replace old municipal vehicles and in some cases acquire new ones.

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