Walvis Bay Habour handles N$3,3 billion exports


Goods worth N$3,31 billion were exported through the Walvis Bay Habour in May. This was followed by Eros Airport with N$2,2 billion worth of exports.

Goods worth N$1,4 billion were exported through Katima Mulilo Border, Hosea Kutako International Airport with N$963 million, Trans Kalahari Border Post with N$746 million, Ariamsvlei Border Post with N$337 million, Noordoewer Border Post with N$261 million, Ngoma Border Post with N$72 million, Oshikango Border Post with N$51 million and the Luderitz Habour with N$48 million worth of exports.

The figures are contained in the Namibia International Merchandise Trade Statistics Bulletin released by the Namibia Statistics Agency.

In terms modes of transport, goods worth of N$3.4 billion, representing 35.7% of total exports left the country by sea. The basket of exports via sea comprised mainly of fish, ‘copper and articles of copper’ and ‘nickel ores and concentrates’.

Goods exported via air accounted for 33,6% of total exports, of which its export basket was mainly made up of precious stones (diamonds), non-monetary gold and ‘crustaceans, molluscs and aquatic invertebrates’.

Lastly, road transportation accounted for 30.6% with fish, petroleum oils and ‘rotating electric plant and parts’ being the highest valued commodities transported via the respective mode

In terms of volume, a total of 268 508 tons of goods left the country, representing decreases of 5.9% and 17,8% when compared to the months of April 2024 and May 2023, respectively.

During May, 150 627 tons of goods was recorded as exported via road representing an increase of 0.9 % and a decrease of 15% when compared to the preceding month and in May 2023, respectively.

A total of 117 803 tons of goods left the country by sea, a decrease of 13.4% and 21.1% when compared to tons registered in April and the same month of 2023, respectively.

Finally, only 78 tons of goods left the country by air during May, indicating an increase of 7 tons month-on-month and a decrease of 89 tons year-on year.

Road transportation was the common mode of transport used for the goods imported in May. Imports by road were valued at N$6.6 billion, representing 52.1% share of all goods imported into the country. ‘Nickel ores and concentrates’, ‘motor vehicles for the transportation of goods’, and precious stones (diamonds) were the commodities with the highest value imported via this respective mode of transport.

Sea transport followed in second place accounting for 43% of all goods imported into the country and its basket comprised mainly of petroleum oils, ‘thermionic cathode valves and tubes’ and ‘iron and steel bars’. Finally, 4.9% of total goods imported reached Namibia via air, precious stones (diamonds), medicaments and telecommunications equipment were the main commodities transported via air.

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