Walvis residents told not to panic over housing list

Martin Endjala

Residents living in the Walvis Bay’s two suburbs Naraville and Kuisebmond have been advised not panic over the list of names who are selected to be allocated houses in the two suburbs, saying that the municipal administrators are working within the regulatory frameworks and will ensure that every resident is treated fairly in the compilation of the list.

“If you are not on the list do not be alarmed, the administrators are working on it,” councilor

Ryan Gordon of the Landless People’s Movement said recently during his local authority update briefing in Walvis Bay on housing and social welfare of both youth and elderly citizens.

Gordon reiterated on claims and complaints raised by some residents who feel that the list is bias stated that LPM will look into the matter to ensure that malicious practices are addressed if there are any.

He further urged the residents to be patient and wait for their names to be announced and not to go to the municipal office, to allow administrators to facilitate the purchase of houses by those who are already listed.

Subsequently, Gordon pointed out that the initiative is part of the LPM’s promises in ensuring that all Namibians must have homes and land, adding that the list has made provision for teachers, police officers and he is being told that there is still about 36 houses remaining that is to be occupied by their owners.

However, the councillor was quick to stress that, despite all this, they have also added onto the list the ultra-low earning group for service plots to be made available for the people such as taxi drivers, petrol attendance, and the youth that just left school and are working in retail.

Speaking to the Windhoek Observer last week, was the Walvis Bay Municipality communication officer Anita Kaihiva who explained that the master list of Walvis Bay consists of a combined NHE and Municipality waiting list. This list includes residents of Walvis Bay from Narraville, Kuisebmond and Walvis Bay Proper.

“These residents submitted their applications to NHE and the Municipality. The waiting list with pre-

approvals from financial institutions now stands at 3500,” Kaihiva confirmed.

The waiting list consists of men and women in uniform, employees in the fishing Industry, logistics

Sector, domestic workers, civil servants and workers in the mining sector.

Kaihia further said that about 850 houses were built under the Massive Urban Land Servicing Project of which 34 remain unallocated as the applicants have been declined financing by the banks.

The remaining houses will be re-allocated to qualifying beneficiaries, Kihiva said, while stressing that the waiting list will be followed on a first come, first service basis. She further explained that one needs a pre-approval from the bank, which is the qualifying requirement, for a person to be put on the waiting list for the current project.

“All relevant data on the waiting list has been captured, while preference will be given to those in uniform.’’

Kaihiva said that they have an open-door policy and residents who want to inquire about housing issues are always welcome to approach the properties section in Kuisebmond.

“It is important to note that we are not accepting any new applications for this project, as the project has come to an end, Kaihiva concluded.

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