Wecke & Voigts closes stores

Kandjemuni Kamuirii

The Wecke & Voigts Group has announced the closure of the Wecke & Voigts in Independence Avenue and Grove Mall of Namibia.

The Independence Avenue shop closes its doors after operating for 129 years since it’s foundation in 1892.

“An emotional decision to shut one Windhoek’s first departmental stores was taking last year and it will be discontinued as off the end of June 2021”, said Wecke & Voigts Group Managing Director, Adrieane Jandrell.

“Both shops have not been doing well for the pass years, due to various influences other than Covid-19 .Although the impact of covid-19 has shown them they are indeed dependent on Namibian market, which is affected by Covid,” Jandrell said, adding that staff will be absorbed into the group’s other operations.

She said the group’s other stores namely: SUPERSPAR Maerua, SUPERSPAR Grove, SPAR Hochland, SPAR Westlane, SPAR Klein Windhoek and Wecke & Voigts WHOLESALE will remain operational.

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