Windhoek Observer and Shipi FM join forces.

Ester Mbathera

As the world commemorates World Press Freedom Day, Namibia’s online newspaper Windhoek Observer and community radio station Shipi FM signed a collaboration agreement.

The agreement signed by Paragon Media’s co-founder, Lazarus Jacobs and Shipi FPM executive chairperson Martin Shipanga focuses on gathering and sharing news.

The two organisations also agreed on sharing human resources and infrastructure, as well as human capital and training.

Jacobs explained that the sharing of resources in a small country such as Namibia is the way to go.

He cautioned Namibians to guard against allowing nonNamibians to control the narrative and news cycle.

“We should be the ones that are managing and controlling the news,” he said.

Jacobs clarified that the agreement extends beyond just the two organizations, the Windhoek Observer and Shipi FM.

He said other media organisations are welcome to join the stable.

Shipanga explained that the agreement is the first of its kind in Namibia and brings people from previously disadvantaged groups together in the media space.

“Media is a very important component of development because it’s through it that media receives information that shapes their minds in terms of the visions that they graft and the directions that they take,” he said.

He added that it is imperative to start building a foundation for Namibians to participate in the mainstream media space through ownership and to be able to drive the narrative that speaks to the nation’s identity.

“Therefore, shaping our people’s aspirations in a direction that would bring about a better life for everyone,” he said.

Windhoek Observer is one of the oldest newspapers in the country.

Shipi FM is a 24-hour live broadcast community radio station that broadcasts predominantly in the Oshiwambo language all over the country.

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