Windhoek wants to challenge Kigali

Tujoromajo Kasuto

MTC in collaboration with the City of Windhoek, Environmental Investment Fund (EIF) and Namibia

National Reinsurance Corporation (NamibRe) today launched a Windhoek Clean-Up Campaign to restore the City to its former glory and reclaim its title as the cleanest city in Africa.

The partners have committed a combined N$750 000 towards the three-month long campaign, with MTC contributing N$400 000, City of Windhoek N$200 000, EIF N$100 000 and NamibRe N$75 000 plus planting of trees.

“We need to change people’s minds and hearts about cleanliness. Hence, this campaign is not a one-day event where we clean up and go. We want it to be different in the sense that it changes our mind sets about how we see cleanliness and what our responsibilities are. We therefore call on every Namibian, and not just Windhoek residents, to play a part in making Namibia at large a clean country,” said Tim Ekandjo, MTC’s Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Officer.

Speaking at the launch, City of Windhoek Mayor, councillor Sade Gawanas reminded the residents of

responsible waste disposal. “As residents and ratepayers, we must value and remember that the beauty and long-term sustainability of our city depends on us all uniting, to move away from a culture of illegal dumping and littering, and move towards a more environmentally sensitive culture and adoption of a circular economy model. There is a compelling need to change mind-sets and behaviour.” The Mayor wants residents to broaden their mind sets and view cleanliness as an opportunity to innovate exciting projects that contribute towards Windhoek’s future as a smart and resilient city.

Thus, she said this campaign is not only about clearing away litter and addressing illegal dumping but commencing engagements with entrepreneurs, investors, and the private sector to embrace circular economies and incentive programmes.

Elizabeth Nailenge of Namibre echoed the same sentiment on the importance of cleanliness, and respecting and protecting the environment through sustainable initiatives aimed at preserving the


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