Witbooi hopeful for re-election

Martin Endjala

Former Landless Peoples Movement (LPM) Councilor for the Keetmanshoop Rural Constituency, Gerrit Witbooi, says he is hopeful that he will be re-elected as councilor as an independent candidate .

Witbooi was suspended by LPM on accusations of being in cahoots with opposition parties to “embarrass the LPM”. Optimistic about his prospects he said he is looking forward to being re-elected in the upcoming by-elections due to the work he was doing until his suspension. He sees it as his duty to stand up for the plight and development of the Constituency to ensure that they live a dignified life. He has since labeled the LPM leadership selfish.

Witbooi said he is confident that he has the backing of the community,given the fact that he knows them very well, and they know him very well as well given the work he has already done as a Councilor and continues to do as a community leader. .

“I am not worried at all, these are my people and they have seen what I have done for the community, even long before I was elected as a councilor,” Witbooi says, adding that he will continue standing up and fighting for the plight of his community.

“With or without office, you must stand up for the people who elected you in the first place, and not for you to only put in the work once you are elected in office,” Witbooi determines.

He goes on to highlight some of his achievements such as being the brainchild of the Klein Karas project last November when investors from Angola, South Africa and Portugal agreed to build a 1000 megawatts solar energy plant on 2500 hectares.

This, he says will create about 800 to 1000 jobs. Another achievement he highlighted was the donation of laptops to students through the Governor’s office by Debmarine to the tune of N$200 000..

“I am a community servant, born and bred, that’s why I chose to be independent because I do not want to work under fake masters. My efforts are bearing fruits and the community people are able to see how hardworking you really are. On many occasions they came to my aid when I was suspended on allegations of working with opposition parties against LPM and causing division within the party,” Witbooi says.

Witbooi added that a number of people demanded that he be reinstated, although it never happened as both him and the LPM leadership have now drifted apart. The two parties could not come to a compromise despite several interventions.

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