Wlotzkabaken will eventually become a fully-fledged town

Niël Terblanché

The wheels that would see the development of the small coastal village of Wlotzkabaken into a fully-fledged town with its own local authority have been set into motion.

The Erongo Regional Council recently announced the plans to develop the holiday settlement that is situated near the only desalination plant in Namibia, by stating that an environmental impact study has been launched.

The Orano desalination plant was originally constructed to supply uranium mines to the east of Swakopmund with fresh water. The plant currently also supplies water to all the main central coastal towns.

The plans include the development of 522 erven to the south of the existing settlement infrastructure. The erven will have business, residential and other zoning categories that will see the establishment of shops and public spaces as well as several modern housing structures.

Wlotzkabaken was declared a settlement in 1993 and has since been under the management of the regional council. The development plan includes the eventual establishment of the settlement’s own local authority.

The latest plan includes the modernization of existing houses and a portion of land to the south of the current settlement.

Initial plans are to establish the necessary service infrastructure such as water, electricity and sewerage while erven will have to be surveyed and allocated.

The plans will have to take the ecologically sensitive areas in the area of Wlotzkabaken into account before any would be approved.

The settlement lies within the Dorob National Park and features extensive lichen colonies.

Originally founded as a holiday angling spot in the 1930s, Wlotzkasbaken developed into a settlement of unusual design and administration.

Titles in the village are held by the Regional Council and only leased to the residents.

The company responsible for carrying out the environmental impact study, The Namib, stated that several public meetings will be held to discuss the project while the invited all interested and affected parties to submit their ideas or complaints in the meantime.

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